Start-Ups and VC

YBD’s attorneys accompany clients through the entire life of their venture, starting with the early stages of incorporation, fund raising and structuring of their business model, through ongoing activities such as technology licensing, maturity, exit transactions and liquidity.


Our practice includes pre-incorporation arrangements; structuring of inter-relations between founders; corporate structure planning; incorporation documents and procedures; equity and debt financing, including seed funding, angel investments and venture financing; share and option incentive plans; equity buy-back and repurchase plans; executive management, board of directors and shareholders' operations; corporate governance and the corporate regulatory environment; directors' and officers' duties and liabilities; indemnification and insurance; interested-party transactions; ongoing day-to-day corporate maintenance, corporate reporting and other regulatory requirements; registration and establishment in Israel of foreign-owned subsidiaries; mergers and acquisitions; and winding up of corporate entities.

Clients also benefit from YBD’s expert advice on tax, corporate, employment and benefit plans and anti-trust issues.


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Licenses and Technology Transactions

Leveraging our technical knowledge and understanding, business insight and legal experience, YBD’s attorneys structure, prepare and negotiate licenses (including SAAS) and other technology transactions, for both technology owners and licensees, with an emphasis on high-tech and bio-med companies at various stages of maturity.


YBD advises its clients on licensing of technical know-how, trade secrets, patents, trademarks, copyrights and most other forms of intellectual property relating to computer software, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, medical simulators, genomics, agricultural, manufacturing designs, digital content and many other technologies.

We also have domestic and international experience with software shrink-wrap and click-through agreements and with strategic collaborations, research and development transactions and other technology transfers.


YBD’s attorneys advise clients with respect to Israeli government-support schemes and international grants, acquisition of technologies from private entities and academic institutions.

YBD’s practice also covers intellectual property agreements, including non-disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, development agreements, distribution agreements, OEM, VAR, supply, purchase and sale agreements, and manufacturing agreements.


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Information Technology

YBD’s attorneys have vast experience in drafting Information Technology agreements for notable complex projects, from their deployment to their implementation, such as ERP and CRM Projects.


Our clients include IT vendors and purchasers of IT across a broad range of industries, e-commerce companies, academic institutes and technology users of all types and sizes.  Our transaction experience ranges from formulating and drafting relatively simple business software development agreements to large and complex system implementation and integration involving multiple parties and integrators.

YBD ensures that it has a deep and clear understanding of the strategic, business and technical issues which clients in the IT sector face so that we can offer efficient and cost-effective service. Our in-depth understanding of both the technology and project management aspects and the legal aspects of such projects ensures that our clients will be successful when they are implementing complex and crucial projects.


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