Labor Law

YBD's practice covers all aspects of Israeli labor law, representing both employers and employees. Our services include drafting of employment agreements, corporate handbooks, policies, relocation agreements, executive separation agreements and benefit plans. We also advise on securing work permits and offer on-going advice concerning our clients' day-to-day affairs.


YBD represents its clients in all of the labor courts, the prosecutorial authorities, the various branches of law enforcement and the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.

YBD provides comprehensive guidance, assistance and follow-up services in the different aspects of labor law, ranging from M&A and employer replacements to the transfer between enterprises.

Labor Litigation

YBD represents both corporate entities and individuals before the labor courts, the disciplinary courts and the different committees of the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.


Our experience includes seeking and defending injunction applications, breach of contract actions, grievances, severance pay, incentive plans, unfair labor practice charges, discrimination, sexual harassment and other related matters.


YBD also has experience with attempts to avoid collective bargaining obligations.


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Employees’ stock option plans and special benefits

YBD's services include drafting employees’ stock option plans, option agreements, equity buy-back and repurchase plans and related documentation.

We also provide sound and considered advice to our clients, outlining and helping them to formulate different incentive plans, always keeping their end goal clearly in mind. 

YBD has experience representing its clients before the Israeli Income Tax Authorities with respect to pre-rulings concerning the assumption, amendment and cancellation of incentive plans, in the framework of M&A and similar transactions.

We represent our foreign traded clients before the Israeli Securities Authority with respect to exemptions relating to incentive plans and the drafting and submission of on-going reports as required.  YBD’s expert team of attorneys has the knowledge and experience to advise participants regarding their rights under incentive plans, both current and prospective.

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Employment Contracts

Corporate and individual clients seeking advice in the area of employment contracts can rely on YBD's attorneys to understand their needs and represent their interests. We specialize in all areas related to employment contracts, from the recruitment of employees to the release and termination of employment. YBD offers assistance in the preparation and drafting of employment contracts and related agreements, including employees’ non-disclosure agreements, proprietary information and innovations assignment agreements, termination notices, separation agreements and waivers under the Israeli Severance Pay Law.


YBD's team has the knowledge to draft corporate handbooks and policies including mandatory policies (e.g. safety policies and anti-sexual harassment policies) as well as voluntary, yet highly recommended policies (e.g. IT privacy policies, company car policies, and business conduct guidelines).  

We provide full-service representation for our corporate and individual clients seeking to secure work permits before the Israeli Ministry of the Interior and the Israeli Ministry of Industry Trade, and Labor.  Our service includes drafting and filing of the applicable documentations, as well as appearing on their behalf at hearings and in related procedures.

Employees and executives will always receive solid and comprehensive advice from the YBD attorneys with respect to their employment rights and employment agreements under Israeli law.

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