Commercial Disputes

YBD's partners and associates have extensive experience and expertise in the most complicated and sophisticated areas of litigation and dispute resolution. We have appeared before the entire range of lower and higher courts in Israel, including the Supreme Court, the Labor Courts, prosecutorial authorities and various branches of law enforcement.

Members of our commercial litigation and dispute resolution team have the skill and proficiency to deal with virtually every type of commercial dispute, enabling YBD to provide corporate entities, partnerships and individuals with the best possible advice concerning complex litigation and pre-litigation matters.

YBD's partners are also mediators certified by the Israel Bar Association. This gives another dimension to our practice.  We have the knowledge to prepare and guide our clients through the various alternative dispute resolution procedures where appropriate. 

YBD's litigation practice is multi-faceted. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients’ businesses and to meet their needs if they are involved in civil and commercial disputes of any type. Our practice covers a wide range of disputes including: contractual claims; misrepresentation and fraud; class actions (for defendants); corporate disputes; securities-related litigation and disputes, including shareholder class actions; derivatives cases and internal investigations; technology-related litigation; administrative petitions regarding constitutional and administrative issues, including tenders; property and construction disputes; employment disputes; and regulatory investigations.


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Securities Litigation, Derivative Actions and Corporate Disputes

YBD successfully represents directors, officers, shareholders, corporations and other stakeholders in securities related litigation, including class actions, derivative suits and other shareholder actions.
Working in close cooperation with our litigation team and our corporate attorneys means that YBD can offer comprehensive advice regarding litigation strategy and tactics while at the same time providing seamless, efficient and effective guidance to protect clients' interests outside the scope of the legal dispute.


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Alternative Dispute Resolution

YBD’s partners and associates have the qualifications and experience to represent clients in mediations, arbitrations and other alternative dispute resolution procedures. 
Several of our partners are mediators certified by the Israel Bar Association. Their broad range of life experience, legal expertise and understanding of how businesses operate makes them effective and successful negotiators and mediators, qualified to deal with civil and business disputes of all types.
YBD’s mediators have an on-going commitment to developing and encouraging the use of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures where possible and appropriate. They are keen to promote a positive environment for negotiation and out of court resolution of disputes in a cooperative, respectful and affordable way. 


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Estate Planning and Inheritance Disputes

YBD has extensive experience in representing inheritors, successors, beneficiaries and extended family members before the Israeli Family Courts and the Inheritance Registrar in inheritance disputes. We have the capacity to represent clients in matters of contentious wills and other inheritance disputes before the lower and higher courts in Israel, including filing for injunctions and other temporary orders and safeguarding clients’ rights throughout the resolution of legal proceedings.

BSBG can assist with estate planning and the drafting of wills, including mutual wills and joint wills, and the establishment of trusts for the benefit of inheritors and others.


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Labor Litigation

YBD represents both corporate entities and individuals before the labor courts, the disciplinary courts and the different committees of the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.


Our experience includes seeking and defending injunction applications, breach of contract actions, grievances, severance pay, incentive plans, unfair labor practice charges, discrimination, sexual harassment and other related matters.


YBD also has experience with attempts to avoid collective bargaining obligations.


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Franchise, Dealer & Distributor Disputes

YBD’s attorneys have years of experience acting on behalf of clients in all aspects of franchise, reseller and distributor relationships helping them to avoid pitfalls, identify opportunities and quickly and effectively manage and resolve disputes.

We have a proven track record in negotiating favorable solutions through alternative dispute resolution for franchisees, franchisers, suppliers, distributors and government agencies.

When all else fails, YBD’s litigation team can step in, advising and safeguarding clients, steering them smoothly through legal proceedings before the range of Israeli courts.

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Class Actions

YBD defends clients against class actions suits, before all Israeli courts, including the Supreme Court and the Labor Court.

Recently, we successfully represented several class action defendants in legal proceedings concerning the 40th Amendment to the Israeli Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law (also known as the Israeli Anti-Spam Law). 

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